The odd thing I love about Spring, that you might just like too

I’m so excited that Spring is here, not because of all the lovely things this season brings, but because of a promise it brings that makes me super happy. Everyone is just a bit more chipper now, the sun seems to instantly shine brighter, the air is fresher, birds are chirping more and there are beautiful flowers everywhere. Oh, and if you go to a duck pond or farm or maybe even just on a nature walk, there’s bound to be new little animals being born all around. Don’t get me wrong, I like these things a lot, and my kids like these things a lot, but I get so much more excited about a big awesome promise that Spring brings.

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What is that Spring promise?

The promise I love so much comes about from the weather warming up, but the real results, the massive change I see and love so dearly, happens right inside my house. In fact it happens in one of the smallest rooms inside my house, but a room where there is so much action, almost every single day. The promise that Spring brings that gets me so excited is that I will soon have so much less laundry to do! All of my family – the kids, me and my husband – we’ll all start wearing fewer clothes. Spring means I’ll have a lot less work and a little more free time.

As the days warm up, we’ll be peeling off layers of clothes, it means:

no more singlets

no more jumpers, jackets or vests

no more socks

no more long pants

no more long sleeve tops 

no more, no more, no more!

Add up the numbers, you could be surprised

I know it’s a very odd thing to like about Spring, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Think about how many singlets you have to wash in a week, how many jumpers, long sleeve tops and long pants. And don’t get me started on the socks – the socks that multiply like I don’t know what, the odd socks that go missing under beds and lounges or just into a big black hole (thankfully my family are getting use to wearing odd socks). It takes a long time to sort, wash, hang out or tumble dry (because some days you just have to), fold and put away all the extra clothes and the longer clothes.

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So bring on Spring for all the wonderful things in nature this new season brings, and especially for the massive drop in laundry it brings to my home! I think with the extra couple of hours I’ll have each week, I can explore a new café or go on a picnic to a park – I have to make the most of this!

How much time do you think you’ll save in the laundry? Or how many less items of clothes will you not have to wash each week?

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